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Jobs and the Economy


Chris believes that jobs and a robust Florida economy are the most important issues facing Florida. Too often, government gets in the way of economic growth through regulations that stifle small business. Chris will work tirelessly to bring more jobs to Pinellas County and to Florida by leveling the playing field, defending local and small business, and never allowing government or lobbyists to pick who wins and who loses.


Public Safety


As a prosecutor in Pinellas County, Chris understands what it takes to keep our streets safe. Chris supports giving law enforcement the tools they need to keep our neighborhoods and our kids, secure and free.Chris knows firsthand that prescription pills are the single most important law enforcement issue facing Florida. Florida has become ground zero for the war on both the spread of pills along with the inevitable addiction that follows. Chris plans to target two things simultaneously, the pill mills that proliferate these drugs and the addiction itself. Chris supports the strengthening of the Drug Database (PDMP) as well as proven programs that free people from addiction and prevent them from re-offending.


Veterans & Their Families


As a strong advocate for veterans, Chris believes in ensuring that veterans and their families have what they need both during and after their service.Chris has seen what happens when veterans are left without an advocate, which is why he has championed pro-bono legal clinics for veterans and helped create the Veterans Law Institute located at Stetson University College of Law right here in Pinellas County.Chris also supports “Veterans Courts” which are designed to assist veterans who suffer from addiction, post-traumatic stress, or have trouble adjusting to life back home. This is a passion for Chris. As the former chairman of the American Bar Association’s law Student Division, Chris developed Duty Bound, a program designed to assist veterans with their VA claims. Chris will continue his passion for Veterans in the Florida House.




As a cancer survivor Chris knows what it means to need health care coverage. He believes that Florida should seek common sense state solutions to our health care struggles, giving patients more options, that include being able to select their own doctor. Chris believes no one should have to choose between medicine and food and believes we can do better for those with and without health insurance today.




Chris believes that everything starts with education. Chris knows that failure to educate our children means diminished opportunities, dreams unfulfilled, an increase in crime and a less productive society. Chris believes that children should have the opportunity to excel in an environment that helps them learn. This means giving teachers the tools and the flexibility they need to be successful, while returning accountability and discipline to the classroom.


Protecting our Beaches, Parks, and Coastline


Chris believes our beaches, parks and coastline are both a local and national treasure. Protecting the beauty of our local beaches, the health of our coastline, and the many parks that grace our community is a priority Chris would take to the Florida House. Chris firmly believes that Republican principles and environmental conservation need not be at odds. Chris will work to protect all the natural beauty that makes our Pinellas county so special.

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